I'm abandoned and alone
I would do anything for relief
To be away from all this stress, sorrow, and pain
It hurts so much
But you can't see it
My scream for help is mute to your ears
My screaming goes unnoticed
I cry and cry but no one hears me
I want relief so badly
Ever for just a little while
It began with my slit wrists
No one noticed, except you
But I didn't stop
You noticed me when I did it
You never listened any other time
It starts to feel so familiar
The cold metal against my pulsing wrist
I knew the routine so well
But I slipped
I went to far
I cut too deep
The pain was just too much
You finally heard me screaming for you to listen
You took me in your loving arms
You told me it's okay
I don't have to feel pain anymore
I knew you were right
I felt happiness
A feeling I never quite understood
In Life

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