My words race one another,
in their eagerness to write of
the beauty, the purity, the splendor of friendship.
The ink of my pen floods,
spilling awe and fascination onto the deltas of my notebooks,
as its waters murmur of its trust, devotion, loyalty.
Age is measured by years,
height by feet and inches,
but the love of a friend,
is measured by sacrifices.

A friend is a mirror;
imitating the intensity of your emotions;
face blooming with smiles in your happiness,
eyes wilting with tears in your sadness.
A friend is a shining promise,
one that never rusts or loses its luster.
A friend is the invitation to the dimples of dreams,
and the rejection to the convincing charms of fears.

A friend is someone who
has folded and unfolded your veins like a newspaper,
read you cover to cover,
and yet you are the book on the top shelf,
the book which is read again and again.
A friend is the one who has the curiosity and patience,
to unlatch the window of your heart,
and stare entranced not only at your lucid cheerfull days,
but also at your foggy confused nights.
Someone who lifts your burdens off your aching shoulders,
and cheerfuly places them on his.
A vivd green leaf in spring,
one that laughs at Time's windy breathe,
that cannot send it to autumns murdering grip.

Love may be a beautiful sun in a clear blue sky,
but friendship is a radiant moon;
an island of beauty and hope,
surrounded by the darkness's snarling tides.
Love makes winter seem like summer,
but friendship transforms cold uninviting winter,
into a beautiful enchanting host.
Friendship is when the tears of sadness,
never ripen from the harsh sun of betrayal.
They are picked by the gentle fingers of forgiveness,
and then harvested to the graveyards of the soul.

Having a true friend is like having a star in your pocket,
or the full moon hung on your bedroom ceiling.
It is the most valuable of treasures, the most sincere of feelings.
So water it with affection,
and let it bask in the warmth of laughter and smiles,
and watch as it shades you, in the beautiful moments,
that define your life.

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