One night, when Darkness held me
I saw a shining light
It beckoned and I followed
All through the starlit night

When Dawn unveiled her sunbeams
The light did disappear
And left a whisper, just for me
That only I could hear

It sang my name so softly
And called me closer still
Until Earth blotted out the Sun
And Night had masked the trill

The light then reappeared
A star shining so bright
But I had lost the whisper's song
In starry dark of Night

And when the star had left me
The whisper came again
I longed for luminescence from
My pretty lighted friend

A lifetime I did follow
These alternating friends
Until the day an Angel
My sovereign Lord did send

The Angel shone so brightly
And, whisp'ring, sang my name
It was my sweet companions
In one angelic frame

And all at once it shifted
Said, "Come away with me
It is your time; do not resist
When calls Eternity"

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